Art Supplies for Art TherapyArt therapy is an established is mental health therapy that uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being. By creating therapeutic artwork this can help clients to gain insights to a different part of themselves. Art therapy allows a person to externalize their internal thoughts, emotions, and memories.

The creative process helps to create new possibilities and conversations. Through the exploration of each piece created art therapy explores a persons internal landscape in ways that traditional talk therapy does not. Allowing participants to express themselves artistically is a healing and mindful experience helping to promote awareness in a person’s life.

Helping to tap into the unconscious, creating therapeutic artwork can help clients to gain insights to a different part of them, by externalizing internal thoughts, emotions, and memories.The process of making art work actually access the right side of your brain where you are more intuitive, playful and emotional.

Art is a powerful process which fosters change, provides relaxation, reduces anxiety, and articulates oneself. As humans it is necessary for us to have a way of expressing ourselves on a day to day basis. Being expressive through the creation of music, art, food, writing, movement, dance or acting allows individuals to externalize their internal landscape. Creating something is a pleasurable activity and promotes well being just like laughing.

Celine is a registered Art Therapist and was certified by the ATCB.  If you are interested in having a free 15 minute phone consultation please call 971.248.0063 or email her.

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