Why building self trust is key

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As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Self trust is key to living a life that you are happy with. When we are always second guessing ourselves we are lacking self trust. Learning that we are capable of making decisions is necessary to move forward in our lives and stop living in indecision.  Are you not sure how to trust yourself? Here are five ways that building self trust is important:

1) If you don’t trust yourself, how are you supposed to trust others?
Many times clients have said to me,” I do trust others but it is because I have people pleasing tendencies. I don’t trust myself because I have made mistakes.” Part of life is making mistakes. As humans we all take risks and make bad decisions. This is okay!

By practicing self trust this allows you to practice imperfection. Imperfection allows you to take more risks and has been shown to allow people to succeed.  Trust in oneself  begins with the process of self forgiveness, which teaches us consistently, how survive and thrive through things that are difficult.

2) Self trust allows you to become authentic

When we develop self trust we are able to be more accepting of ourselves warts and all. By accepting who we are, what mistakes we make, what we feel with out judging ourselves we begin to feel safe. We continue to build this relationship with ourselves by acting out integrity and living the values that we believe in.  In this scared space that we create it allows us to be more authentic and truthful with ourselves.

Try centering yourself by taking 5 deep belly breaths and ask yourself- What do I need today? What will help me to be kind, caring and supportive in my current situation? Take a moment to write down the answer to this question.

“I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.” ~ Charlotte Brontë

3) It helps you to trust your intuition and listen to it

When we actually show up and listen to ourselves and our needs we build self trust. When we abandon ourselves, deny our feelings and shove our feelings down we stop being trusting of ourselves. How many times has your intuition tried to tell you something was a bad idea and you just railroaded it and said oh, it will be fine?

When we begin to listen to ourselves we can tell which inner voice is our intuition and which one is fear. Fear tends to feel paralyzing and it repeats the same thing over and over again as a repetitive thought. Intuition is about a deep inner knowing, this voice sounds more like someone whispering in your ear and a gut feeling.

Our  intuition is built by listening to the needs of our body. It signals to us useful things like: Slow down, I need time alone, I need to be in nature, I am hungry. These requests are important to listen to for when the more we are in tune with our bodies the more we are in tune with the world as large and can be connected with others.

“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.”  ~ Michel de Montaigne

4) Self trust allows you to connect with others more deeply

When we can be available for our needs, trust our choices, accept our mistakes, and listen to our bodies the more we are capable of listening to others and connecting with others on a deeper level. When we deny our own experience chances are that we do that to others as well. When we become accountable to ourselves this allows us to do the same for others. Practicing accountability helps to build intimacy and trust with others.

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort.” – Brené Brown

5) Having self trust helps with accepting our imperfections

When we are living our truth and values we can begin to accept our imperfections because we can see that they are a part of us. We can learn to love ourselves through the hard times which develops unconditional love for oneself. We are always searching for this from others but it begins with our relationship with ourself first.

When we are having difficulty with accepting and trust ourselves we can always use EFT  to shift this or try this guided meditation:


I hope that this article on having self-trust has been helpful for you and has inspired you to begin or continue  developing this in yourself. Please feel free to comment below or to contact me.

Have a blessed week!



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