Keys to Effective Ways to Communicate

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Spend an Evening learning the Keys to Communication

This workshop will help you to become aware of your communication patterns and how to become a more effective communicator.

In this workshop we will discuss:
  • Learn the roadblocks to effective communication
  • Learn your current communication stance
  • You will learn how to do EFT to help you connect with yourself, your needs and emotions
  • Learn to identify your needs and feelings
  • Learn how to make observations and requests
  • We will do a guided meditation to help improve your communication


We will use the following to help assist in this workshop:

  • hands on examples
  • EFT
  • art  and writing


It will be held @ Liberate Emporium  765 N. Hillhurst Ave  Los Angeles, CA 9002

On August 16th From 7:30- 9:30PM

The cost is $40

Or contact me to reserve your space,  call 323.663.6000 to reserve your space.


About Celine

Celine uses the transformative power of art, psychology, EFT and acupressure to help clients transform their lives. Using a combination of breath, acupressure, visualization, affirmations and energy work, Celine has helped many clients begin to live the life that they want. Trained as a visual artist, Celine is a LMFT, a Registered Art Therapist, trained in acupressure and is an EFT Tapping master practitioner.

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