Learning to love your body all the time

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dezz_carol- Love your BodyWhen sickness strikes or one begins to feel aches and pains or maybe there is some weight gain.  Ad even in more extreme cases when we struggle with some time of mental illness. We may get angry at our body for “working against us.” We may say why is my body doing this to me? Why me? At these is the times this is when you need to learn to love your body.

Our bodies take us where we need to go, they take our abuse and mistreatment. Your body has deep knowledge that is tries to communicate with us when something is not right. The body breaks down when we do not listen to it. Here are 5 ways to reconnect with your body and learn to love it:

1) Make friends with your body
Instead of seeing it being a chore to take care of yourself try becoming an ally instead. This is an important step to becoming a happier and healthier person.  In whatever condition you are currently in, it is important to be grateful for your body. Thank it for all it has carried you through.  When we can learn to love ourselves and our bodies for all it’s quirks, we become more connected with ourselves and are able to connect with others. Your body has been there for you your entire life it gets you places, be grateful for all it has done for you.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. ~ Jim Rohn

2) Begin a dialog with your body, learn what it is trying to tell you.
Instead of being angry with your body begin to communicate with it. Sometimes when we are in emotional or physical pain we will become disconnected from ourselves. Try using a journal. Begin a dialog with your body instead of ignoring it or being angry with it. Ask your self what is my body trying to communicate with me? Try writing down this in a journal, then take deep breaths and  listen to the wisdom of what your body has to tell you. The writer Louise Hay did research about physical pains and how they relate to emotional pains. If you want to see the list of aliments that she compiled. Look at it here.

3) See self care as a way of showing up for your body

I have numerous clients state to me but why do I have to do so much to take care of myself? When we view self care as a chore we are not valuing ourselves, our body or our health. We deserve to care for our bodies, spirt and minds. If we don’t do it who else will? Usually when one abandons wanting to care for their body it is because they are avoiding addressing uncomfortable feelings. When we care for our bodies we practice self love, self compassion and see how precious we are.

4) Using affirmations to work through the imbalance in your body

Maybe you realize that part of the reason that you do not take care of your body is because you are avoiding addressing uncomfortable feelings or possibly you do not feel worthy of feeling well.  A great way to combat anger, resentment or feelings of unworthiness regarding your body is by practicing saying kind words to yourself. The use of affirmations are very powerful. The things we tell ourselves defines what we believe about ourselves and how we view ourselves. Use your affirmations as a mantra, repeat them several times a day.

Try these affirmations on for size:

I love and accept my body today.

I am grateful for the body I have an love it.

Even though my body is having challenges, I completely love and accept it.

I love my body and am grateful for all it does for me.


Your body hears everything your mind says. ~ Naomi Judd

5) Use meditation or restorative yoga to reconnect with your body
When you take the time to sit with your body, breathe and listen,  insight is gained about to what is happening with your body. Restorative yoga and meditation are excellent tools to help you to heal your body and to be kind to it.
Yoga and Meditation has been proven to help reduce stress, depression and anxiety.  Try this 13 minute meditation to help you reconnect with yourself.

I hope that this article has helped to look at your body differently and will inspire you to love it instead of have issues with it. Please place your comments below. And if you have any questions please feel free to email me celine@innergrowththerapy.com. Have a blessed week!






Image: Adore your Body from Dezz Carol

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