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The Power of Visualization Meditation

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Vision is important in life so that we can have something to work towards. If we do not setPower-of_Visualization -Inner Growth Therapy- Celine Elise Alvarez intentions, then we don’t have goals which can lead us to stagnation. Visualization meditation is powerful because the mind believes what we envision. So being careful of what thoughts that we think of is important, because this what creates our emotions, perceptions, and reality. This week we will explore how visualization can help you to create and manifest the life that you have always wanted. Here are five ways:

1) Helps you to attain your goals

Visualization Meditation is very powerful because the mind does not know the difference between what you visualize and what you are actually experiencing. This is why TV and film are so powerful and can affect you deeply when you watch them. You are watching someone else’s vision.

Story is a sacred visualization, a way of echoing experience ~Terry Tempest Williams

When you spend time and are actively thinking about what we want in your life, we are beginning to create the life that you want. When we make decisions about what we want and do not want in our lives. We can gain clarity and have the power of choice. Spending time visualizing your goals, discussing them with others, then they are more likely to be manifested because you are putting energy and passion towards them. Obviously you must take actions also, to manifest your goals by nurturing them and seeing them in your minds eye is important.

If you spend 5 to 10 minutes a day visualizing your goal in meditation you can begin to make this a reality.

2) Can improve your performance

Learning to visualize attaining a excellent performance for work and in sports is very important. If you can see it, it can happen. The more that we practice visualization in our minds the better our performance will be. The belief that we are capable of attaining something, is so important to us being successful at something. When we practice in vivo and then through our thoughts and vision we can be capable of attaining our goal. The more that we play a situation in our mind the more it becomes real and actually creates a new neural pathways. The thoughts the we think the most create are what we believe. 

 Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose. ~ Bo Bennett
3) Reduces stress

Stress is caused by the belief that our bodies are threatened. This happens through just everyday living at this point…  in traffic, when we are feeling anxious about social situations, and when we have too much on our plate. By using meditation and visualization we can reduce our stress and anxiety by creating a place within ourselves to reconnect with our true nature. Stress can be caused by focusing too outwardly. This is why it is important to sit still and quiet the mind. By using imagery that you find relaxing and supportive is effective at reducing stress. A possible image to use is that is one of a stream, visualizing a box that you can place all that is troublesome, then taking your cares and placing them on a raft. Watch the raft float down the stream and let the problems float away, till you can no longer see them.

4) Releases uncomfortable feelings

Sometimes when we are angry it is hard to sit with the emotion. You may feel like being nasty, physically violent, or hurting someone. Personally, when I feel this way I use the power of visualization to release that emotion by picturing the person that I am currently angry with and want to hurt. I will picture the violent act and then afterwards ask the universe to help me to forgive them and release my anger. Depending on the offense, I may have to do it once or a may have to do it 20 times it depends on the situation. But each time you release the unpleasant/ uncomfortable feeling with out harming anyone.

5) Helps with creativity and finding solutions

When we learn to visualize what we desire it helps us to be more creative because we are creating space within ourselves to allow inspiration into our minds. Several studies have found that Open Meditation (OM) helps to allow the person to let their mind notice bodily sensations and by practicing noticing the body in the moment, this improves creativity. So when you also practice visualization which is a pointed meditation of focus. This helps to develop the mind and can help with focus and finding solutions in a creative way. So both meditation and visualization are a winning team to help with cultivating creativity.

Next blog post we will be talking more about this and how visualization and art therapy are a powerful combination.. stay tuned.

How have you used visualization meditation to help yourself? Please comment below.

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  1. I love this one! I am using visualization and it helps … as do all the reminders so eloquently articulated here. Thank you!

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