The problem with Expectations

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69b8f8c38932128f004a389848d922a9Expectations are a part our everyday lives. We expect things to work as we envision them to. We expect people to keep their word. We expect our friends to show up. Our families have expectations about who we will be and what we will do. But when things don’t pan out, we are disappointed, butt hurt and sometimes we even hold a grudge. So I am just wondering is this way of living helping us or harming us?

In my opinion if we can let go of expectations, we can lead more free lives. When expectations rule our lives we can not live in the freedom to expect nothing and appreciate everything. For when we have expectations they are resentments waiting to happen. They lead us to have our lives externally focused instead of finding our happiness with in us. Remember nothing outside of ourselves can complete us we are already whole and complete right now.

Having expectations does not allow us to live in gratitude which means we are setting ourselves up to feel bad. Everyday we have choices.We create our reality by the lens that view our life through. (tweet this) Do you want to look at your life through dirty lenses? Maybe it is time to take out the micro fiber cloth and wipe off that grime that has been blinding you from appreciating the life that you are actually living.
Here are a few questions for you to write about this topic:
How are expectations making your life unmanageable?
How have expectations affected you in your life?
Have your expectations of others lead you to end friendships or romantic relationships?

Do you need to find a brand new pair of glasses? Need help? Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation. What do you think of this article? Please comment below!


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